We have been receiving many questions lately on what exactly you will need to pack when visiting Villa de la Luna in Costa Rica, so we decided to put together a very quick, and easy “Costa Rica Checklist” for you!

What you will need does sometimes depend on the time of the year you choose to join us in paradise. Costa Rica has “rainy seasons” that marvel the rainy season experienced in Florida, United Stated: Sunshine almost all day, shower mid-day, followed by a clear and beautiful night afterwards. This predictability lets our guests pack as they would any other time of year, but it is recommended to bring a rain jacket or rain boots!

Here is a general understanding of what you will need to prepare for your trip to Costa Rica! If you have any additional questions about what you will need and what we recommend to leave home, please contact us here or on FacebookTo print our Checklist, please just click on the photo!